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As the title says, Welcome to Pure80'sChat!! Whether you found us via a search engine or you were lucky enough to stumble across us you are equally welcome. This is the Internet's number one site for all your 80's music needs. Discuss any 80's music topic with like minded people, take part in the various quizzes which are regularly updated by our members and even set your own. You can even indulge yourself in our retro arcade. Perhaps you only want to ask for help identifying an old classic that you have since forgotten? Either way, make yourself at home and make full use of the boards facilities. But beware!! This board is seriously addictive!

Once registered, introduce yourself to the board by posting a little bit about  yourself in the Welcome thread.
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To celebrate the release of Total Madness and the reissue of their debut
album One Step Beyond we're having a bit of a competition!

For more information on the release and our competition just

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