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Site Staff

Pure80schat Staff


Owner and creator of Pure80schat. He doesn't come here much now as normally he's stuck in his bath chair. Nevertheless, credit given where its due!


Site administrator. Charming, handsome and generally a great guy. There's really nothing more to say


Global moderator and extreme quiz master. Currently our highest posting member and has a penchant for public transport. We'll say no more!

Permanent Staff


A true board veteran and generally witty fellow ;)


Harri isn't to be found here that often nowadays but still calls in on the odd occasion. Come back Harri all is forgiven!


Full time moderator and night shift supervisor. Visc is also our resident cardigan expert and can often be found loitering outside knitwear shops.

Part Timers


Don't let the fact that Andrea is blond fool you. She can be sharper than an ice cream on a hot day!


Our resident crisp expert! Funny, friendly yet strangely bizarre?


Our first member to be sponsored by a corporate company. How much did Travelodge pay you again Shredds?


Watch your balls, Pinny's about! Our resident bowling expert.




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